Ebert's Classic Chevrolet Parts

Trim Restoration

Restoration of Aluminum and Stainless Trim

"If it isn't good enough to put on our car, then it isn't good enough to put on yours."

We take pride in our skillful workmanship to achieve the highest level of restoration on your aluminum and stainless trim.  Dull or old trim can make a great paint job look bad.  Don't put that old trim back on.  Call us to see how we can help.

Although we specialize in the restoration of aluminum and stainless trim for full-size Chevrolet's from 1959 - 1967, we work on all makes and models. 

Restoration of Aluminum Trim:  
The parts are stripped to bare metal removing any paint, debris and anodizing.  After the anodizing is removed, the surface often reveals deeper instances of distress, and micro-pitting.  Care is taken to remove the majority of the pits, but because of contours in the trim, it is impossible to remove all pits.   Dents and dings are removed, and the piece is straightened.  It is sanded and buffed prior to the final stage of bright-dipping.  Parts are show quality.  As good as NOS parts were in the '60's -- better than most NOS parts you will find today.

Polished Only:  Sometimes a customer does not want their trim reanodized.  The result is a brilliant shine, with minimal pitting. However, unprotected aluminum when exposed to the elements will oxidize over time.  It will be necessary to keep the unprotected aluminum hand polished to maintain the shine. Polished pieces go through all the same restoration steps as anodized aluminum, except the final bright dip process.

Restoration of Stainless Trim:  Each piece is cleaned, straightened, and dents and dings removed.  Then it is sanded and buffed to a show quality mirror finish.
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